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Vision Technologies is an IT & Telecom System Integrator company with presence all across Pakistan. We are heavily involved into Communication, Telecom, IT  and Electronic Supplies and Solutions which includes but not limited to designing of networks, VAS, conversion of manually processing organizations into an IT enabled environments thus minimising the cost wastage sceanrios and bringing all functions under one roof.

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Vision, Mission & Values


Renewable Energy Labs Training and Research Systems for Renewable Energy Technology

For advanced training and applied research Heliocentris offers complex off-grid hybrid energy systems allowing to address all aspects of renewable energy: generation, storage and management. The ready-to-use turn-key installations offer the following advantages:     Combination of solar, wind and hydrogen...
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Fiber To The Office – Reliable in-house Networking Architecture for Airports

The demands put on information infrastructures are increasing with added financial pressures. Therefore, long-term economic solutions with higher scalability become evermore important for airport operators. Choosing the right network architecture is the essential building block for a long-term competitive IT...
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XL Series, a Line-Interactive UPS is designed for user’s required short backup with high reliability, durability and economical solution. Ideally for SOHO applications and many other applications of similar types. Technology XL Plus uses line interactive technology to produce a...
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